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Product Details

High impact hydration

Trattabrasil Pró-fio high impact hydration was developed by our specialists to provide an intensive treatment to hair frequently exposed to the sun, hairdryers and other thermal aggressions, hair coloring and discoloration.

With exclusive Pro.FILLER® technology, an amino structural matrix that increases the diameter of the aged strand and repairs damaged hair, its formula, composed by vitamins, proteins and lipids, immediately reconditions extremely dried and weak strands. The high moisturizing impact and regenerative action of Pró-fio rejuvenates, strengthens and shields the hair with a single application. 

Trattabrasil Pró-fio, high performance hydration at your reach.

Indication: for all types of hair


Regeneration, repair and healthy growth

Protein replacement

Intense hydration and brightness

After washing, apply the Pro fiber shock treatment to the hair, massaging gently. Put on the cap and leave to develop for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse hair, removing all of the product. Style as normal.


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