Operating in the Brazilian
market since 2000,

 Maxibrasil main purpose is to provide beauty and hair care solutions, which will be benchmarks in Brazil in the national cosmetics segments.


Maxibrasil offers a diversity of beauty treatments and care with the following features:


- Genuinely Brazilian treatment

- Plant-based active complexes or components

- Sustainable packaging

- Remarkable fragrances or pleasant fragrances

- Professional results


Our mix is composed of high tech multifunctional products with effective and proven results and customized treatments for each kind of client.


Our industrial plant has 1200 m² and our logistics center has 1800m². They were built to offer efficient hair care products under rigid controls and high quality standards. Besides the structural side, our 120 employees are constantly pursuing enhancement in order to market the best of the Brazilian beauty.

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Sustainable development is a concept that encompasses a wide variety of themes, and an idea that attempts to balance economic growth, social equity, and environmental protection. Guided by this philosophy, Maxibrasil is both loyal to its clients and to continued growth in the cosmetics market. Our slogan, “Here we think about beauty” is about more than just a product, it also embraces our corporate practices and relations.

Our products’ formulas are designed using only the necessary ingredients, with preference given to vegetable and natural-based ingredients that are certified and which are in sync with Brazilian biodiversity. All of the prime materials are biodegradable, and the packaging is controlled through a social post-consumption responsibility program in partnership with the Brazilian Personal Hygiene, Perfume, and Cosmetics Industry Association’s (ABIHPEC) project “Give a hand to the future”.

Another important quality of Maxibrasil is that we do not conduct animal testing. Our manufacturing processes are also clean and energy efficient. Rigid production controls generate less waste and, consequently, generate fewer industrial discharges. The limited waste that is generated during the manufacturing process is sent to an environmental control company for proper disposal.

Maxibrasil was recognized as a good corporate citizen by the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation is a non-profit organization with a global reach, dedicated to the implementation of projects focused on improving the human condition.

One of the Rotary Foundation’s successful projects is the End Polio Now Campaign, dedicated to eradicating infant paralysis throughout the world. In Brazil, the contributions of the Rotary Foundation’s corporate partners are made through the Brazilian Rotary Foundation Association (ABTRF), which awards its corporate sponsors with a certificate of Good Corporate Citizenship.

The goal of the Young Apprentices Program is to act as a connection between young people looking for their first professional experience and socially responsible businesses looking to employ them.

Maxibrasil, in conjunction with the Belo Horizonte Chamber of Commerce (CDL), became a partner of the Young Apprentices Program, an 18-month work-training program for young adults. At the end of program, trainees will have gained experience in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the job they performed, giving them a considerable competitive advantage and the necessary skills to begin their career in the formal labor market.

In addition to creating job opportunities and reaffirming its role in socioeconomic development, the company that welcomes Young Apprentice trainees opens new horizons in understanding how companies’ support of socially responsible initiatives can generate gains in the companies’ internal work environment, societal development, and act as an impetus for businesses in general, generating sustainable growth for everyone involved.

One of Maxibrasil’s principal goals is to guarantee the quality and safety of our products. As a result, we possess ISO Certificate 22716:2007, emitted by the SGS, certifying our use of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and indicating the safety of our quality control methods in regard to our production chain, packaging tests, storage techniques, and transportation systems, in accordance with international rules for cosmetic products.

In addition, Maxibrasil is a member of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our manufacturing processes, in addition to the quality of the products that we export to Arab countries. The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce is authorized to certify export documents for goods destined for Arab countries, along with any other commercial document, giving importers a guarantee concerning our products’ origins.