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Product Details

CC Cream

Developed for blonde hair under discoloration stress and dryness, S.O.S Blond Trattabrasil is an exclusive CC Cream with high performance active formula that combines 15 benefits in a single product. It is color care and maintenance for blonde hair in addition to a perfect brightness and shine.

With a remarkable scent inspired in modern and dynamic women, leave-in 15 in 1 of Trattabrasil provides color care, protection and maintenance for the blonde hair since first application.

S.O.S. Blond, Absolutely healthy beautiful blonde.

Indication: blonde hair




Thermal protection

UV protection



Soft touch

Unraveling effect

Color protection

Brightness and outline

Mass replacement



Remarkable perfume


Leave-in product. On wet hair, apply at a distance of 20cm, untangle the hair with a comb and finish as desired. On dry hair, rub the product between your hands and apply avoiding the root.  If necessary, retouch the hair with a hair dryer or straightener.


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