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Product Details

Based on women’s charm and versatility, Trattabrasil created a multifunctional 10 in 1 hair serum able to protect and care since the first application. There are 10 instant benefits for all phases of a woman’s day.

Either at work, outdoors or at home, Beauty Balm provides protected, luminous and perfumed strands.

Beauty Balm. Perfume, brightness and protection for the strands.

Indication: For all types of hair


- Its active peptides and anti-aging agents promotes benefits such as

Leave in Conditioner

Thermal and UV protection

Anti-frizz action

Strength and resistance


Remarkable perfume



Daily defense


Leave-in product. On wet hair, apply a small amount of the leave-in product, comb and style as normal. To facilitate untangling, apply a small amount of the leave in to the hair.


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