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Product Details

Inspired by the four elements of nature, the Elementhal line promotes capillary balance. 

Elementhal line, your hair naturally beautiful.


The energy, power and spark of fire

 The affinity, replenishment and hydration of water

 The strength of the earth and the flexibility of the plants

 The balance, lightness and vitality of the air


  1. After washing and conditioning, divide the hair into sections and apply Elementhal moisturizing, massaging gently.
  2. Put on a shower cap or other heat source and let it act from 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse removing the entire product. Finish as you wish

Schedule of hair equalization treatment: in 4 weeks


1st Week - Air Elementhal Hydration  

Equalization fiber pH and porosity

Vitality and smoothness


2nd Week - Water Elementhal Hydration

Occlusive Nutrition

Water Reposition



3rd Week - Earth Elementhal Hydration

Oleic Restoration

Strength and Resistance


4th Week - Fire Elementhal Hydration

Three-Dimensional Shine

Strand Protection

Treatment Durability


Finish all the treatments with the BB Blur


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