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Advantages Maxibrasil

  • A dinamic and entrepreneurial branding project
  • An innovative and broad mix of hair care products with the best of Brazilian beauty
  • Competitive pricing
  • Full support in training and sales

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Distributor Prerequisites

  • Proven network of clients in your country
  • Experience in the distribution of hair care products
  • A solid sales, distribution and training structure

Our products

Through its extensive brand portfolio, Maxibrasil offers a diverse array of beauty care treatments and products. All of our products are constantly being improved upon, incorporating the latest technologies, market trends, sustainable practices, fragrances, and select ingredients. Furthermore, we do not conduct animal testing.

At Maxibrasil we create customized hair products designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. Our complete product lines incorporate a wide variety of options, endowing our distributors with ample and dynamic opportunities.

We offer support with the graphic design of marketing materials, carefully cultivating the visual identification of our brands, which allows the consumer to form an attachment to our products and enhances our market position.

Concerning our professional salon products, we depend on the help of a specialized technician to closely monitor the work of distributors and professional hair stylists, enhancing our products’ prestige, as well the trust of our consumers.

Where found?

  • Amazon
  • Giham Beauty